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While teams within large organizations often inherent substantial amounts of technical debt from legacy systems, they struggle on reaching agreement on what technical debt is and which aspects of their systems they should focus on improving.
This webinar outlined how distributed teams can collaborate at scale to identify and prioritize technical debt.

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Richard KasperowskiRichard Kasperowski is a cofounder of the Greatness Guild, a signatory of the Manifesto for Greatness, and the author of The Core Protocols: A Guide to Greatness. He leads clients in building great teams that get great results, using the Core Protocols, Agile, and open space technology. Richard teaches the class Agile Software Development at Harvard University. Follow him on Twitter at @rkasper, read more about him at, and email him at

M. Scott FordM. Scott Ford is a polyglot developer who, at last count, is fluent in over 20 programming languages. Scott’s love of software restoration and remodeling began in college, where he and his team were responsible for retrofitting the testing tools for the X-31 jet fighter. Since then, Scott has maintained a test-focused approach to his work and found the most joy in projects where an existing codebase needed to be improved.

Luke Hohmann: Luke Hohmann is the founder and CEO of Conteneo In.(formerly the Innovation Games Company). Conteneo's enterprise software platforms and professional services merge collaboration frameworks, data analytics, and domain expertise to help organizations optimize decision making in the areas of strategy, innovation, sales, product development, and market research. Luke is also co-founder of Every VoiceEngaged Foundation, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit that helps citizens, governments, and other nonprofit organizations collaborate at scale to solve technical and wicked problems.


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