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    Written by Luke Hohmann
    on April 20, 2015

    Mountain View, CA — April 20, 2015. Conteneo Inc., a Mountain View, CA-based collaboration software firm, recently rebranded its cloud-based collaboration platforms and unveiled a new website. Since 2010, Conteneo has been enabling progressive organizations to work better together to solve enduring problems in strategy, product development and innovation, market research, team engagement, complex sales and more. The rebranding highlights Conteneo’s continued focus on multidimensional collaboration, enabling organizations in the public and private sector to work more effectively together, no matter where they are in the world.

    The Conteneo Collaboration Cloud is comprised of four cloud-based engines, each optimized to solve enduring business problems:

    Strategy Engine
    Conteneo’s Strategy Engine helps organizations tackle complex, multi-faceted problems that require consideration of a potential decision’s options, actions, and drawbacks. Based on the deliberative collaboration technique pioneered by The Kettering Foundation, Strategy Engine’s online forums create understanding and a foundation for action in such areas as mergers and acquisitions, growth and market expansion, community/urban planning and more.

    Idea Engine
    From product innovation to market research, team retrospectives and more, Conteneo’s Idea Engine enables organizations to use the power of visual metaphors and visual thinking to structure collaboration. Idea Engine is pre-configured with dozens of frameworks or can be extended to create custom frameworks tuned to specific goals, enabling single teams to thousands of teams to move beyond talking to true collaboration.

    Alignment Engine
    Conteneo’s Alignment Engine helps build high-performance teams through alignment. The engine’s compelling artwork, easy-to-use UI, analytics and customizable content enables teams to collaboratively understand their individual priorities and come to agreement.

    Decision Engine
    Conteneo’s Decision Engine enables teams, customers and partners to collaboratively reach decisions on priorities through negotiation and understanding. From prioritizing new features on an upcoming release, to participatory budgeting in the public and private sector, using Conteneo’s Decision Engine means you not only understand what initiatives/features are most important, but why. Customers are able to customize, create and use Decision Engine’s virtual market forums with 5 to 5,000 participants.

    Combined with Conteneo’s Collaboration Consulting services and Certified Collaboration Architects, the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud has helped thousands of collaborating teams drive results for their organizations. The new corporate website highlights Conteneo’s focus on helping organizations achieve success through multidimensional collaboration.

    “The rebranding of the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud reflects the evolution of our cloud-based software platforms over the past 5 years and the business problems they have helped leading organization solve,” said Luke Hohmann, CEO and Founder. “Organizations are recognizing that true collaboration requires more than an instant messaging platform or a document repository. Our collaboration engines enable organizations to get beyond talk, to action.”

    The company website,, includes more information on multidimensional collaboration and Conteneo’s collaboration cloud and consulting offerings.


    Conteneo is the leading provider of multidimensional collaboration solutions for the public and private sector. The Conteneo Collaboration Cloud and our Collaboration Consulting services enable organizations to improve performance across the enterprise, including culture and change management, market research, strategy, complex sales, and innovation and product development. Current and past clients include Adobe Systems, Cisco, Emerson Climate Technologies, HP, Rackspace, Reed Elsevier, Qualcomm, SAP, Yahoo! and others. For more information, go to

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