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    Written by Luke Hohmann
    on September 17, 2015

    Luke Hohmann, CEO & Founder of Conteneo, and Laura Richardson, VP of Business Development, will be speaking at the PMI Silicon Valley chapter's 2015 Symposium held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on October 5-6, 2015. This year's theme is “Learning Organization And Thought Leadership” and features keynotes, themed presentations and unconference discussions.

    Afternoon Keynote: Monday, Oct. 5


    Luke's keynote, "How to Prioritize a Project Portfolio" will be on Monday, October 5. He'll speak to those leaders who are frustrated by the limits of ROI analysis and the lack of collaboration that makes traditional approaches to portfolio prioritization an exercise in frustration. Created from more than a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 and other progressive organizations, the process Luke will describe in this keynote will reveal how leaders can harness the amazing power of collaborative frameworks and serious games to prioritize their organization’s project portfolio. The result is anEpic Win: a project portfolio prioritized to both business objectives and customer needs with an organization motivated to implement the same.


    Breakout Session: Monday, Oct. 5


    Laura Richard's presentation will be "Technical & Wicked Solution Strategies for Agilists," also onMonday, Oct. 5.  Laura will discuss how the kinds of problems organizations are facing have changed as agile has matured from a process practiced by relatively small, co-located teams tackling mostly IT projects. Today, organizations are using agile to tackle many different kinds of problems in business as well as in the public sphere. Laura will highlight a series of enduring problems that agilists are supremely suited to tackle: Some of these problems are technical (like prioritizing your backlog, or a city budget). Others are wicked (like what to do when our software is late --which still happens in Agile! -- or how to solve the California drought crisis).

    Based on Conteneo's groundbreaking work with leading non-profits Every Voice Engaged Foundation and The Kettering Foundation, Laura's session will review both technical and wicked problems along with solution strategies for solving them. She will provide case studies, concrete examples and templates that are useful for business and public sector problems, with particular focus on how a team from Conteneo helped the Los Altos School District engage citizens in a wicked problem related to student enrollment growth.

    Deb Colden, a Conteneo Qualified Instructor and Certified Collaboration Architect, will also be speaking at the Symposium on "Designing Great Value Propositions for Real Customers."

    More information on sessions and registration on the PMI Silicon Valley chapter website.

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