Enterprise Retrospectives: A Conversation with Steve Guthrie, bwin.party's Head of Product Management

July 2014

As organizations widen their usage of Agile, Agile's core team-based practices can begin to be stretched. In those situations, we need to re-think and adapt them to fit the wider context. Retrospectives, for example: While they can help individual teams improve, they can become isolated and fail to address the needs of the organization, issues that are beyond the control of a single team. That's where collaborative, social serious games come in. 

Bwin.party is the largest listed gaming company in the world.  Join bwin.party's Head of Product Management- Platform Steve Guthrie  and Conteneo CEO Luke Hohmann, for a discussion of how bwin.party  is using Conteneo's collaboration frameworks including Innovation Games®  to create high-impact, large-scale distributed retrospectives linked to bwin.party's ongoing enterprise-wide agile transformation.