Agile Portfolio Management  

Based on the book How to Prioritize Your Project Portfolio Using Conteneo Collaboration Games, Agile Portfolio Management is a fast-paced, learning-by-doing, experience-based course that teaches you how to use Conteneo’s in-person and online collaboration frameworks to effectively prioritize and manage your project portfolios. The course wraps five core collaboration frameworks into four prioritization "game plans" that give you the tools needed to manage near-term priorities, strategic portfolios and determine appropriate resource allocation strategies. 

We’ll reserve a healthy portion of time for questions and answers and make sure that you can apply these insights to your needs.

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to use a variety of collaboration frameworks and game plans that will enable you to

  • Build alignment on goals and strategic objectives before prioritizing projects. 

  • Engage in strategic prioritization before tactical prioritization. 

  • Understand time horizons for planning and determining "what is strategic?".

  • Distinguish between "Run the Business" projects and "New Work" or "Innovative Work".


  • Distinguish between "Reserving Resources" and "Allocating Resources". 

  • Use online frameworks to include distributed decision makers and stakeholders in the process.

  • Develop the attributes you will use in the prioritization process.Develop and implement reprioritization and resource reallocation rhythms.

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Who Should Attend 

This course is targeted for: 

  • Senior leaders who want to create better business results.
  • Portfolio managers who are frustrated by the limits of ROI analysis.
  • Employees who want to be included in the portfolio selection process.
  • Anyone who thinks that current approaches to picking the best projects aren’t working.