Certified Product Owner

with Innovation Games®


Apart from some basic principles and the Product Backlog, the Scrum framework is silent on how the Product Owner satisfies users, management, and the Team – while delighting the customer.  During this two-day workshop you will use a variety of collaboration frameworks to learn how to analyze and define stakeholders needs, learn the latest approach to building, prioritizing and optimizing the Product Backlog and much more.


Learning Objectives:


    • Discuss the key responsibilities and rights of the Product Owner.

    • Explain the importance of the Product Backlog and how it is used in Scrum.

    • Practice a new model for thinking about the Product Backlog, organizing the Product Backlog items and identifying non-functional requirements.

    • Practice each step in constructing a Product Backlog from initiating a compelling vision, identifying user needs, writing Product Backlog items and developing a product roadmap.

    • Explain how to create personas and how to use them to identify hidden requirements and ways to exceed the customer's expectations.

    • Describe how to engage the Team members, users, customers and stakeholders in co-creating requirements and features.

    • Identify the profile of behaviors and attitudes that enable someone to be a powerful Product Owner and the behaviors and attitudes that augment their impact.

    • Practice applying multiple prioritization techniques to maximize business value.

    • Rehearse writing user stories and acceptance criteria.

    • Learn how to facilitate in the Collaboration Cloud in order to maximize participation and create insights and results that drive action.

    • Learn how to select frameworks optimal for solving a variety of problems, use them with stakeholders and process the results effectively.


What you will receive from this course:

  • One-year subscription to Conteneo’s Collaboration Cloud

Who should attend:

Any person who is interested in learning more about Scrum or wants to make Scrum work better for their Team and business is encouraged to attend.  While the focus of the class is for people who want to learn how to leverage the role of the Product Owner to maximize their business outcomes and build innovative products, any member of Team or the organization who is interested in how to use Scrum well will find this class useful. Typical attendees in the past have been product managers, business analysts, system engineers, testers, architects, ScrumMasters, technical leads, testing leads, directors, QA managers, program managers, project sponsors, customers and other roles that support product development and the business.