Designing Great Value Propositions


You'll love this class and the "Value Proposition Canvas" if you've been frustrated by unproductive product meetings and misaligned teams, and struggled to create true customer value.  Remember how frustrating it was to be part of a project that just went horribly sideways and imploded?  It's never fun to watch another "good idea" fail.  Take action to inoculate yourself and your team against the next giant waste of time and money!  Learning how to collaboratively develop The "Value Proposition Canvas" with help from customers, stakeholders and your team will not only help you avoid wasting time with ideas that won't work,  but generate stakeholder alignment and team buy-in around ideas that are much more likely to succeed.  This class will help you cut the anchors holding you back and put the wind in your sails!


What You Will Learn

You will learn how to use a variety of Innovation Games® collaboration frameworks with your customers to:

  • Discover and understand how qualitative insights build empathy and understanding.

  • Learn how to incorporate online collaboration frameworks to maintain more regular contact with customers and other stakeholders.

  • Incorporate employees and partners into your customer experience program,

  • Learn how to apply frameworks to gain insights into the customer journey,

  • Use frameworks to identify unmet needs.

  • Learn how to facilitate using collaboration frameworks in order to maximize participation and create insights, build empathy and drive action.

  • Learn how to select frameworks optimal for solving a variety of problems, use them with stakeholders and process the results effectively.

Course Includes

Attendees will receive course slides, a collaboration framework reference guide outlining each collaboration framework practiced or discussed during the class and a copy of the Value Proposition Design Book.  
Attendees are also granted a 1 year Standard Subscription to Weave where many of the in-person frameworks can also be used online with larger and/or distributed teams.


Why take this workshop?


  • Improve your ability to ensure Market-Customer Fit
  • Add tools to your design thinking took box
  • Generate insights that help to gain top management buy-in
  • Practice using collaboration frameworks that have broad applicability (The Value Proposition Canvas and collaboration frameworks experienced during the class apply to projects, products, processes and solutions.)


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Who Should Attend


  • Marketing professionals
  • Product Managers and Product Owners
  • Project Managers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Individuals or teams who are creating a new offering from scratch
  • Individuals or teams who are working on improving existing offerings
  • Anyone looking to improve their facilitation skills or their ability to run meetings that are engaging and collaborative.