Game Design Master Class


We’ve all been surprised when we learn that an unusual spice is the “secret ingredient” in a favored dish. And some of us wonder what might happen if we started to experiment with that spice – what might happen if we started to redesign existing recipes and design new dishes.

Our Game Design Master Class teaches the “secret ingredients” of serious, collaborative game design through hands-on use of the Collaborative Game Design Canvas™, a structured canvas that enables you to deconstruct existing games, extend them, and create new games.

After taking this class you will be able to create online and in-person collaboration frameworks to tackle complex business problems in strategy, competitive positioning, marketing and product development.

How We Roll (or Play!)

The one-day class is fast-paced and team-oriented. After instruction in game theory and design strategy, participants will theory into practice, first using the Collaborative Game Design Canvas™ to analyze an existing game and then using it to design their own games. Wear comfortable clothing, because you're going to be working in small teams! 

What You Will Learn

  • Game theory - What "Is" a Game, after all?

  • Structure / Components of Serious/ Collaborative Games

  • The Collaborative Game Design Canvas™, a powerful new canvas for designing games.

  • Design strategies and proven processes for game adaptation and creation.

  • How to determine game mode (online, in-person, hybrid).

  • Online & in-person facilitation strategies.


Who Should Attend

All members of Agile teams with a focus on product planning, product development and product management.

Anyone who wishes to create more innovative product and service offerings.  

Anyone who has taken Innovation Games for Customer Understanding or Innovation Games for Agile Teams who would like to design their own collaboration frameworks.


Prerequisites & Materials

book.jpegAlthough not strictly required, it is helpful if participants read the book Innovation Games®: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play before the course.

Materials include:

Course slides and a cornucopia that will stimulate your thinking and help you apply the materials.

And after class we'll send you more awesome stuff!





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