Innovation Games® for Customer Understanding 


Modern product development practices, especially those that focus on innovative products and services, place great emphasis on having development teams work directly with customers. This is good news, for the foundation of innovation is a genuine understanding of your customers, and then using this understanding to create more effective ways of solving their problems.

This two-day, interactive course, based on the material in Luke Hohmann's book, tackles the challenge of developing customer understanding by providing you with a fresh perspective on how to use a variety of games with your customers to develop the understanding that forms the foundation of innovation. You’ll find that if you use them, you’ll come to understand what your customers really want. You’ll have fun doing it. Perhaps more importantly, they’ll have fun doing it. Armed with this understanding, you’ll be able to create the breakthrough, innovative products that are the foundation of lasting success.

This course covers in-person and online games and includes sections on facilitation and presentation skills.


What You Will Learn

You will learn how to use a variety of Innovation Games® collaboration frameworks with your customers to:

  • Discussion of Market Research & Innovation Games
  • Discover and understand how qualitative insights build empathy and understanding.

  • Learn how to incorporate online collaboration frameworks to maintain more regular contact with customers and other stakeholders.

  • Incorporate employees and partners into your customer experience program,

  • Learn how to apply frameworks to gain insights into the customer journey,

  • Use frameworks to identify unmet needs.

  • Learn how to facilitate using collaboration frameworks in order to maximize participation and create insights, build empathy and drive action.

  • Learn how to select frameworks optimal for solving a variety of problems, use them with stakeholders and process the results effectively.

  • Facilitation and Presentation Skills



Why take this workshop? 


  • Learn about collaboration frameworks and how they improve outcomes
  • Add tools to your researcher tool box
  • Generate insights that help to gain top management buy-in
  • Practice using collaboration frameworks that have broad applicability (collaboration frameworks experienced during this workshop apply to projects, products, processes and solutions.)


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Who Should Attend


Anyone who wishes to understand how improve the Customer Research Process.  Possible job titles include:

  • Product Owners / Managers / Directors
  • Portfolio / Product Management Professionals
  • Software Engineers / Developers / Architects
  • Agile Coaches / Team Leads
  • Strategy Facilitators