Journey Mapping, User Story Mapping and Paper Prototyping

Mapping and Prototyping are the core activities that move design thinking and lean startup teams from idea to testable solutions.  Without skills and practice, teams tend to get stuck and find it hard to quickly incorporate customer feedback into the next cycle of work.

What You Will Learn


Journey Mapping

Visualizing the customer's journey with your brand, your products, your services - even your employees!

A customer journey map is a visualization.  Its not much different that plotting your path through college or your route home to office.  It shows all of the touchpoints between a customer and your company, from the time the customer researches your product to first contact with you, to becoming a customer and beyond.  Doing this well provides teams with an opportunity see gaps between reality and how you actually want the interaction to be.

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the emotional part of the customer journey that is hard to measure with traditional metrics
  • Create a journey map that helps you explain reality, aspirations and gaps to key stakeholders
  • Identify opportunities for solution co-creation with customers and other stakeholders
  • Use the journey map to identify areas for change or improvement

User Story Mapping 

Turning market research and customer understanding into practical slices of functionality your teams can manage.

Creating user stories is a method of communicating requirements from the perspective of the business user to engineering.  Initally, User Stories describe the "who, what and why" but not the how of a needed slice of functionality.  User Story Mapping is a powerful activity that groups stories into themes or features by user activity. 

In this module, you will learn:

  • a variety of methods for approaching the creation of a user story map 
  • how to split stories to fit into sprints
  • how to keep track of the pick picture while working with small stories

Paper Prototyping

A powerful and rapid technique for incuding stakeholders and customers in the design process

paper prototyping.jpg

Paper prototyping is a technique that allows development teams to create and test new user interfaces cheaply and quickly.  Lean startup, Agile and design thinking teams benefit from paper prototyping as it allows for easy collaboration with customers that enable teams to learn and adjust as needed over shorter cycles.

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • use paper and pen to simulate an interface (low fidelity testing)
  • simulate interfaces using paper
  • use computer created prototypes with customers (mid fidelity testing) 



Who Should Attend


Anyone who wishes to understand how improve the Design Thinking, Scrum or Lean Startup process.  Possible job titles include:

  • Product Managers / Directors
  • Portfolio / Product Management Professionals
  • Software Engineers / Developers / Architects
  • Agile Coaches / Team Leads
  • Executive Management
  • Strategy Facilitators