Lean Startup in the Enterprise


This 1 day, hands-on, Lean Startup in the Enterprise Workshop is for corporate leaders including Product Managers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Project Managers, IT Managers, Design Managers and Engineering Managers using Lean Startup methods in their organization. 

You will experience the evolution of Lean Startup techniques beyond the book, tailored for large organizations who aspire to make it a repeatable process. For example, this hands-on workshop introduces one of the most powerful techiques to come out of the Lean Startup movement: Assumptions Mapping.

What You Will Learn


  • How to systematically unpack leap of faith assumptions in a team setting and design experiments to test hypotheses.
  • How to apply Innovation Accounting in both B2C and B2B settings and how to communicate progress to stakeholders for productive Pivot/Persevere/Kill decision meetings.
  • How to identify and address specific adoption, cultural and leadership challenges.
  • Practical techniques on how to apply this to your organization without destroying your brand.


Design Charrettes

Adapted from Lean UX, we get hands-on right away sketching.  Teams get to experience how to facilitate going wide to go narrow, using collaborative design. 

Assumptions Mapping 

One of the most powerful concepts to come out of the Lean Startup movement, we use Assumptions Mapping to help teams facilitate a structured conversation and focus their efforts.

Hypotheses & Experiments

Having an open conversation about assumptions is a great start, but often leads to inaction since assumptions can be difficut to test.  We address this by writing testable hypotheses and creating experiments.

Leadership & Strategy

In order to help a culture of experimentation and validated learning to thrive, leaders often need to adapt their leadership style.  We'll cover leading with questions and how to design pivot/persevere decision points.

Working Agreements

Before taking these ideas back into your organization, we'll design a sample Working Agreement. This agreement speaks to the ceremonies, tools and processes you'll need to complete a learning loop and create momentum.


Who Should Attend


Anyone who wishes to understand how Lean Startup can help you create more successful product and service offerings. Possible job titles include:

  • Product Managers / Directors
  • Portfolio / Product Management Professionals
  • Software Engineers / Developers / Architects
  • Agile Coaches / Team Leads
  • Executive Management
  • Strategy Facilitators