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Weave for Teams is designed to support structured, framework-based collaboration for teams starting with the basic 10 team member "Team Trial" or "Team Pro" configuration.

When signing up for a Team Trial, you will be able to use ALL of the Team features for up to 30 days for a team of up to 10 people. 

Ready to Upgrade to Team Pro?

Upgrade Trial to ProSeat Calculator for Weave

Team Pro allows you to specify the number of people in your team. And you can always add more seats to your Team Pro subscription at any time on a pro-rated basis.






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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Team Trial Work?
Add Team Members to Weave
A Team Trial is a free 30-day trial subscription that gives you full access to all of the features of Weave for Teams for up to 30 days.  If you would like to invite some of your team members to help you evaluate Weave, add them to your Team from the Users & Teams tab. 
Each Team Trial comes with 20 Guest Passes.  If you share a forum URL with another person, they will automatically consume a Guest Pass when they join if they are not already a member of your team.  If you would like to reserve Guest Passes for actual guests during your trial, add your team members via the Users & Teams tab and have them accept the invitation that they will receive via email before you ask them to join a running forum.  
How do I set up my Team?  
Team members can be added to your team subscription from the Users & Teams tab with just an email address.  Team members do not all need to share the same email domain so you can include consultants and contractors to your team if that is appropriate.   You can now use as many frameworks and set up as many forums as you need to work effectively with your team.  There is no limit to collaboration within your team.
How do Guest Passes work?  Weave for Teams allows unlimited collaboration with people you include in your team subscription.  However, we know that once in a while, you will want to invite someone to join a forum who is not part of your team.  You can always add people to your team subscription as your team grows but for those who just need a one-time pass to a forum, you can let them use a guest pass.  People using a guest pass gain access the your forum and you reserve your team spots for actual team members.  If you run out of guest passes, you can always top up your account with more.  A pack of guest passes costs $100 for 10 and as long as you keep your account current, they never expire.  If you ever decide not to renew your Weave subscription, banked guest passes expire.  
How do I convert my Team Trial to a Team Pro Subscription?  From the Account & Billing Tab, click the Upgrade to Teams Pro button.  You can then specify how large your team is who will be using Weave.  You will be able to administer who from your Trial should be included in your Team.  Your number of Guest Passes will also reset.  Unused Guest Passes from your Trial are not carried over.
What happens if my team grows?  You can add new team members at any time and the cost will be pro-rated accordingly.  For example, if you start with a team of 10 for $600 ($60 per team member per year) and you add a team member 6 months into your term, you will be billed $30 for the remainder of your term.  Upon renewal, your team of 11 will cost $660.
Can I delete team members?  Yes.  Removing team members or unused seats is easy and the refund will be calculated on a pro-rated basis.  
What happened to Weave Standard and Weave Pro?  Weave Standard and Pro Editions are now combined into a new offering called Weave Individual which is ideal for consultants.  Weave Teams Pro was created because most of our old Pro users really needed the functionality we added to the new Team Pro subscription. However, some of our customers are not part of a stable team - they are actually consultants and instructors who need to be able to use Weave to collaborate with customers on projects. 
To support this business model, we have now launched Weave Individual.  Instead of unlimited forums and a set team (great for teams, not great for consultants), this version of Weave assumes every participant is a guest and will join forums using guest passes.  As consultants use up the initial pack of 20 guest passes that come with the subscription, they can add more guest passes at a cost of $10 per pass or $100 for a pack of 10.  Consultants love this model because it is easy to include the cost of forums as business expenses that their customers expect to pay for. 
How do I convert a Team Trial to a Team Individual Subscription?  To convert a Weave Team Trial to a Weave Individual, go to the Users & Teams tab.  Click Teams Pro owners and admins, a blue link under the Seats used information and then Change your Plan to the Individual Pro.  You will be billed $99.
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