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    Written by Luke Hohmann
    on June 01, 2015

    We're thrilled to announce that our CEO & Founder Luke Hohmann has been selected as the main stage keynote at Agile 2015 in Washington, DC. Customer collaboration is a key tenet in the Agile Manifesto, highlighted on the first page, and underscoring and supporting the other tenets. This year's Agile 2015 conference will highlight the importance of communication and collaboration in agile practices, and the keynote speakers have been tasked with bringing together diverse experiences, perspectives, skills and ideas on collaboration and communication.

    Collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Conteneo and in our nonprofit foundation Every Voice Engaged. And we're honored that Luke has been selected to speak.


    Snow Flurries, Snowstorms and Snow Falls.


    The agile values and practices we hold dear affect all aspects of our lives, not just our work lives. They also affect our schools, our relationships, and even how we choose to practice democracy.

    In "The Difference Between Snow Flurries, Snowstorms, and Snow Falls, " on Monday, August 3rd, Luke will show how collaborative, social, and serious games have blossomed into multidimensional collaboration frameworks. Many of these frameworks and games have roots within the Agile community and are being used to make world a better place in simple and profound ways. Often in ways not related to software at all.

    But what does snow have to do with collaboration? Luke grew up in a place which was cold and often had a lot of snow. A snow flurry is a lot of activity with no accumulation. Typically frustrating. A snowstorm is just a wreck. A snow fall is a nicer, more gentle accumulation of real results. Luke will use the snow metaphor to frame his subject-- collaboration & communication. He will make distinctions between talking past each other (a snow flurry), arguing (a snowstorm) and true collaboration (a snow fall).

    Finally, Luke will provide you with clear actionable advice on how you can improve one of the most fundamental agile practices – retrospectives.

    We hope to see you there!



    Photo Credit: Dr Papillon and HoedicNorth Capitol Rd. Some rights reserved.



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