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    Written by Luke Hohmann
    on June 01, 2015

    We’ve been making a lot of changes over the past few months with the launch of the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud, and we have more big news. In the next few weeks, we’ll be phasing out the limited free subscriptions for the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud’s Decision Engine and Idea Engine (a.k.a. Innovation Games® Online), and replacing them with fully functional 30-day free trials. If you currently have a free subscription, you will be eligible to sign up for a free trial of our professional level subscription. And if you decide that you want to continue to put the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud to work, you’ll be able to take advantage of our new, lower-priced and more powerful, professional or standard subscriptions (when the pricing is launched).

    Why End Free Subscriptions?

    As consumers of cloud-based software and innovators in collaboration, we understand that potential customers need to be able to really “kick the tires” of a product to know if it’s for them. We had thought the best way to let potential customers put our collaboration platform through its paces was to offer limited-functionality free accounts that allowed users to have unlimited time to explore what we felt were key features. What we found, however, is that the limits we had placed on the free subscriptions were too restrictive and prevented our free subscribers from fully experiencing the power of the platform. For example, free subscribers weren’t able to download the results from their collaboration forums, which made it really difficult to share results, and the experience of the using platform, with others.

    Potential customers need to be able to really “kick the tires” of a product to know if it’s for them. A 30-day free trial at the professional level will give customers a chance to make an informed choice about whether to move to a paid subscription. 
    —Luke Hohmann, CEO & Founder


    After conducting extensive analysis of our data, we’ve decided that offering our new customers a fully featured trial of our professional level subscription is a better way to give them a high-impact experience. This new model ensures that every customer can use all features during his or her trial and will be able to make a fully informed choice about whether to move to a paid subscription. New users will be able to not just download data, but also analyze it, along with taking advantage of other powerful features such as 3rd-party facilitators and Galas, to run massive, unfacilitated forums with 1000s of participants.

    We’re excited about this change, especially because it allows us to show off all of the many incredible improvements we’ve made to our cloud-based platform. And it helps our customers make a fully informed choice on whether to continue their subscription.


    New Pricing + Perks

    As mentioned, we’re also reducing the price for paid subscriptions. In short, you’ll get more for less in the coming weeks, and we have even more system improvements in the works. The total cost for a pro subscription will be $999 a year-- a savings of $500.

    Need another reason to upgrade to paid? Certification fees for the Certified Collaboration Architect program are waived for any paid account. No additional fees to level up as you move up in belt levels and skill.


    When will the New Pricing and Free Trials be available?

    The dev team is hard at work, and we expect to notify you via email in mid-June, two weeks ahead of your free subscription end date. Paid subscription holders will also receive information about the impending revised pricing, additional features and more.

    If you have questions in advance of the changes, feel free to get in touch at We’d love to hear from you.

    Let us know what you think. 

    Add your comment below.

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