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24 Jul 2017

How to Use Online Forums to Fix Your In-Person Meetings

A few blog posts ago I wrote about how much I love to read. Along with...

31 Mar 2017

Are Your Epics Epic? Or Extra Baggage?

Somewhere along the line the Agile community decided to use the word "...

19 Dec 2016

Design Tip: Variations on Participatory Budgeting

Over the past 15 years we've produced thousands of Participatory Budge...

09 Sep 2016

The Role of Passion in Portfolio Prioritization

Everyone who knows me knows that I like to read a lot of stuff. And I ...

12 Jan 2016

Case Study: How to Take the Pain out Portfolio Prioritization

Ed. Note: This is the story of how Decision Engine and the Collaborati...

05 Dec 2015

Are Participatory Budgeting Games the Perfect Game?

We've completed our fourth Sprint for the San José Budget Programs, ad...

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