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    7+1 Principles And Five Frameworks for Agile Portfolio Prioritization
    Weave Toolkit: SAFe PI Planning with Weave
    Giving Thanks for Portfolio Management
    Agile 2015 Keynote: Awesome Superproblems
    Case Study: How to Take the Pain out Portfolio Prioritization
    09 Oct 2017

    Anonymous Participation: Collaborating Safely on Sensitive Topics

    We have released fully anonymous participation for  organizations that...

    16 Mar 2017

    7+1 Principles And Five Frameworks for Agile Portfolio Prioritization

    Some of the best insights come when you're teaching advanced classes. ...

    06 Dec 2016

    Conteneo's Innovation Ambitions

    It is the time of year where we reflect on what we’ve accomplished and...

    19 Nov 2016

    Glass House Development

    We like to be as Agile as possible, with what some might perceive as a...

    01 Dec 2015

    Clarifying Communication-Coordination-Collaboration Confusion

    As social business software proliferates confusion over communication,...

    16 Nov 2015

    Collaboration at Scale: The 2016 San José Participatory Budgeting Project

    At the Agile 2015 conference I challenged the Agile community to build...

    14 Sep 2015

    Conteneo and the Wirtschaftskammer Wien Partner to Bring Innovation to Viennese Companies.

    Mountain View, CA -- September 14, 2015 -- Today, Conteneo Inc. announ...

    14 Aug 2015

    Crappy Code or Crappy Collaboration?

    One of the fastest growing memes in the software development community...

    31 Jul 2010

    Using Innovation Games® With Senior Executives

    One question we get a lot is "Do Innovation Games® work with Senior Ex...

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