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Conteneo's Certified Collaboration Instructor Program
At Conteneo, we believe that collaborating teams are the world’s best hope for solving the problems we face. 
 This belief motivates us to equip knowledge workers across the globe with the power of collaboration frameworks.
So we built a training program to do just that.
Our global network of Certified Collaboration Instructors (CCIs) have the experience and ability to teach their students how to leverage frameworks to create extraordinary results. When you become a CCI, you'll be joining an elite group of expert facilitators and educators who offer certified Conteneo courses across the globe, within organizations, and at public events.
Interested in joining the team? Here's everything you need to know: 

How it works...

Our CCIs teach courses that range from Portfolio Management and Scaling Agile to Lean Startup and Market-Driven Innovation. Some of them are independent consultants who teach on the side, sore are educators certified by other organizations (e.g., Certified Scrum Trainers, Certified LeSS Instructors, Professional Scrum Trainers) and others are internal corporate trainers. 

They all have one thing in common, though: Collaboration Frameworks.

So how might this work for you? 

  • Have your own course material? It's easy. Chances are good that you're probably teaching collaboration frameworks; in this case we'll simply review your existing courses and get you rolling. In the rather unlikely event that you're not using any frameworks, we'll work with you to incorporate Weave and Collaboration Frameworks of your choice into courses you already teach. Upon approval, you can offer your course with the Conteneo accreditation. 
  • Don't have your own material? We have a number of Conteneo designed courses that you can become accredited to teach. 

By incorporating Weave and Collaboration Frameworks into their courses, CCIs have the flexibility to teach topics they're most passionate about under the Conteneo accreditation. What's more, students gain exclusive benefits from attending workshops taught by Conteneo's Certified Collaboration Instructors.

What are the Benefits of the Conteneo Accreditation?

As a Certified Collaboration Instructor, you will be able to grant the following to your students:

That's right, CCIs and CCIs alone can grant these benefits to their students! 

Why become a CCI?

Differentiation. Students not only want to learn methodologies and tools when they attend a workshop, they want a takeaway. Something of value they can use beyond their time in the classroom. As a CCI, you'll be able to offer not 1, not 2, but 3 takeaways to your students! This means you can differentiate your courses in the market! 

Promotion. As a CCI, your courses will be listed on our public course schedule, featured in our newsletter, and included in our marketing campaigns. You will also appear on our Instructor page to help build your personal brand. 

Networking. Our CCIs are thought leaders in their respective areas of specialization. With access to their expertise and networks, you can enhance your own opportunities by partnering with other CCIs. 

Influence. Conteneo values our CCI community as a source of leader users and insight into the future. Becoming a CCI means you get to shape Weave to better meet your needs and the needs of your students and clients.  


Yearly Fee: $1,000 (this is used as a "credit" toward your first $1,000 in per student fees)

Per Student Fee: In general, CCIs are charged $49/student. However, Conteneo is happy to negotiate rates that meet philanthropic goals, such as classes that promote our work at Every Voice Engaged Foundation

Becoming a CCI

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  1. Submit your Application + Sign our Agreement. 
  2. Attend an person Conteneo accredited workshop. Check out a list of upcoming courses you can join to meet this requirement!
  3. Submit and refine your course materials. We'll help you incorporate Weave and determine which Collaboration Frameworks might work best to meet Conteneo's Learning Objectives. Then, we'll determine how many training credits your course(s) will be accredited for. 
  4. Become a Blue Belt Certified Collaboration Architect. If you're new to Weave, don't worry - we'll help you get there. 

Maintaining your CCI Status

  • Attend one CCI Summit per year. We generally schedule one in Europe and one in the US each year. Attendance at one per calendar year is expected.  
  • Teach one class per quarter. This helps our CCIs stay current on their skills, industry trends, and evolving student needs. 
  • Promote your participation in the CCI program. Blog posts, public classes, keynote speeches, interviews and the like all count! 

Submit your information below to take the first step in becoming a Certified Collaboration Instructor: