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    Written by Luke Hohmann
    on July 31, 2010

    One question we get a lot is "Do Innovation Games® work with Senior Executives"?

    The answer is a resounding yes! A great example of this is engagement I produced for IAM Magazine for its annual conference in 2010. From April 2010 to June 2010, we invited senior executives from a variety of organizations to explore key issues facing Chief Intellectual Property Officers (CIPOs). It's also a great example of how online collaboration frameworks can work in concert with in-person frameworks to generate truly unique results.

    The first part of this project was conducted in April 2010. CIPOs from around the world used Decision Engine and the Innovation Game® collaboration framework Buy a Feature to select the key issues that they wanted to feedback on from CIPO experts during in-person forums scheduled for the IP Business Conference in Munich during June. At the end of the these games, four topics stood out:

    • IP strategy in business: Best practices for working with senior management to improve their understanding of the strategic use of IP assets.
    • Improving realisation of IP: How CIPOs demonstrate that well-managed IP programmes can increase corporate market value.
    • Increasing IP licensing revenue: The ways in which CIPOs can help maximise licensing income, and manage expectations of this.
    • Engaging the workforce: Ensuring that the entire workforce is properly educated about and engaged with creating, protecting and leveraging corporate IP assets.

    On Sunday,  June 20,  just prior to the start of the IPBC in Munich, a group of CIPOs got together to discuss these topics. I invite you to look at this amazing list of senior executives and thought leaders. The were:

    • David Berdan, Invista
    • Joe Beyers of Ambature (formerly at HP)
    • Bill Elkington, Rockwell Collins
    • Paul Fehlner, Novartis
    • Wulf Hoeflich, EADS/Airbus
    • François Jamet, IdVectoR (formerly with France Telecom)
    • Wim Klop, DSM
    • Ruud Peters, Philips
    • Béatrix de Russé, Technicolor (Thomson SA)
    • Andrew Sant, Crown Technology
    • Joseph Villella, Infineon

    These CIPOs were joined by eight IP industry experts:

    • Jens Bördin, CIP Professional Services
    • Dave Brown, Thomson Reuters
    • Bo Heiden, Qatar Science & Tech Park
    • Michael Lasinski, 284 Partners
    • Ron Laurie, Inflexion Point Strategy
    • Ada Nielsen, LES USA & Canada
    • Ulf Petrusson, CIP
    • David Yurkerwich, Charles River Associates.

    The results of this project, including our report, was made public by our client, Joff Wild of IAM Magazine. You can read all about this project and download the report here.

    The main point is that these senior executives loved playing the games and produced amazing results. You'll find that you get similarly great results when you play the games with your executives.

    Let us know what you think. 

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