Try Speedboat for Customer Insights

speedboat.pngThis framework will help you understand problems your customers face and where you might find opportunity for solutions.

Framework Highlights:

  • Anchors reveal pain points
  • Propellers show what is working
  • Results fuel new product ideas


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Portfolio Planning

Planning Wall for Project Planning  

PlanningWall.jpegThis framework promotes better planning between business stakeholders and development teams by giving them a real-time collaboration structure.

Framework Highlights:

  • Business teams determine value
  • Engineering teams determine effort
  • Weave tracks all data and you can return to the forum at any time to manage results

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Try Learning Matrix for Agile Retrospectives 

This framework helps teams identify strengths and problems or impediments, suggest new ideas and appreciate accomplishments.Retrospective Framework.jpeg

Framework Highlights:

  • Distributed teams can conduct online retrospectives
  • Teams can identify what they want to improve
  • Successes can be celebrated


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