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Try Speed Boat, Planning Wall or Learning Matrix and make your first test of Weave interesting and collaborative.  Once your forum is running:

  • Invite a colleage to join.  Just share your forum url with a friend.
  • Add items to your image so you have more results to look at in the end.
  • Try using the chat even if you are discussing what to have for lunch - it will make your results more fun to review!


Try Speedboat for Customer Insights

speedboat.pngThis framework will help you understand problems your customers face and where you might find opportunity for solutions.

Framework Highlights:

  • Anchors reveal pain points
  • Propellers show what is working
  • Results fuel new product ideas


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Portfolio Planning

Planning Wall for Project Planning  

PlanningWall.jpegThis framework promotes better planning between business stakeholders and development teams by giving them a real-time collaboration structure.

Framework Highlights:

  • Business teams determine value
  • Engineering teams determine effort
  • Weave tracks all data and you can return to the forum at any time to manage results

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Try Learning Matrix for Agile Retrospectives 

This framework helps teams identify strengths and problems or impediments, suggest new ideas and appreciate accomplishments.Retrospective Framework.jpeg

Framework Highlights:

  • Distributed teams can conduct online retrospectives
  • Teams can identify what they want to improve
  • Successes can be celebrated


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